Warehouse space

For vehicle importing, goods and moving services, we offer safe public customs warehouses with open and closed space, situated on the customs of Terminal Belgrade (nearby "Kvantaška pijaca" wholesale market).

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Auto sport is a spedition company founded in 2009. in Belgrade by one spedition member with many years of experience. It owns many licences for international spedition business.

The main goal of our company is to give spedition services to our customers who import new and used cars, bikes, jeeps, buses, trucks, tows, trailers, agricultural and construction site machines, boats, yachts, special other vehicles.

Our spedition has at disposal a public customs warehouse of open and closed type, used for storing  and customs of goods and diplomatic packages.

Employees of this company are young people, who have proper education and are introduced to world trends new media trends.

Our office and our public warehouse are situated at customs port Terminal Belgrade.

Luka Beograd