Warehouse space

For vehicle importing, goods and moving services, we offer safe public customs warehouses with open and closed space, situated on the customs of Terminal Belgrade (nearby "Kvantaška pijaca" wholesale market).

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For persons and companies we have a whole spedition logistics offer that includes a variety of operations, activities and participants who are in process of making it, from idea, to its realization.

Our task is to give you a quick response with an accurate, suitable offer, regarding the pricing and safety.


We offer the following services:

• representation by our personal at customs and other governmental institutions,

• organisation of international transport,

• insurance of goods and vehicles,

• customs' warehousing of goods and vehicles,

• customs of migration goods,

• customs of used and new vehicles,

• customs of transported goods,

• customs of diplomatic packages,

• consultation and advising for import-export gigs,

• value evaluation of business vehicles and its importing fees,

• technical inspection of vehicles,

• registration of vehicles.


 Co-operation with us, will get you a loyal business partner for a long period of time. We will thoroughly address your needs, while you can "lay back".

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